72 Superbright LED Worklight with 15 foot cord
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Make your work a little easier!  Our LED worklights are super durable and last forever. These are not generic lights. We have personally supervised the design and manufacturing process for this flashlight and you will not find these anywhere else.

With its 72 amazing white LEDs, it is insanely bright, yet easy on the eyes and its strong hook ensures that you can position it at the exact angle you desire.

The benefits of LED lights are overwhelming; they resist failure from vibration, they consume very little current, they cycle on and off in milliseconds and they're lightweight and run cool.  You'll instantly appreciate the soft white light that LEDs produce because it's easy on the eyes and makes distinguishing colors easier at night. Plus, LED bulbs are super bright, last forever (100,000+ hours) and are virtually indestructible.

Technical Specifications:

  • Uses 72 high quality and super bright LEDs
  • LED intensity: 12,000MCD
  • Includes 15 foot power cord
  • Extremely long bulb life
  • Water, oil and shock resistant
  • Switch on handle
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