Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 for Windows English Box DVD B17-0

Microsoft® Streets & Trips 2007 is a customizable trip planning software that lets you easily explore new areas and find the services you need along the road. You get more trip planning features than any online mapping site, so you can plan a trip based on your preferences. Instantly find more than 1.2 million points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, ATMs, museums, campgrounds, and more. Use Live Search to find current business listings when you’re online, then take them with you on the road. Get accurate detailed door-to-door directions anywhere along millions of miles of routable roads, streets, and highways and even plan breaks, scenic detours and fuel stops. You can even add multiple destinations or quickly alter your route with simple drag-and-drop controls. Personalize your maps with drawings, notes, and pushpins to mark important information. Import your contacts directly from Microsoft® Office Outlook and Microsoft® Office Excel. Use your customized travel guide on-screen as you go, or print it out in any of a variety of helpful formats.

Manufacturer Part# : B17-00330

  • Customizable trip-planning options allow you to plan routes, scenic detours, and fuel stops
  • Avoid potential delays with free, up-to-date road construction information from the Web
  • Find current business listings when you’re online, then take them with you
  • Keyword search helps you quickly find listings near your location by entering words such as ‘coffee’ or ‘restaurant’
  • Navigation mode makes it easy to know where you are
  • Estimated drive time ensures you always know how far you are from your destination
Tech Specs

Version Software Type
2007 Street Mapping
Product Line Series Model System Type
Streets & Trips 2007 PC
License Type Category
Complete package Reference / data source
Required Memory Required Operating System
128 MB (256 MB recommended) for Windows® XP Home / Professional; 256 MB for Windows® Server 2003; 128 MB (256 MB recommended) for Windows 2000 Professional Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition SP2 / XP Professional SP2 / Server 2003 / 2000 Professional SP4
Required Disk Space Required Processor Class
1.2 GB (600 MB minimum installation) PC with Pentium® II or higher processor; Pentium® III recommended
Other Requirements Distribution Media
Display: 800x600 resolution with 256 colors; DVD-ROM drive; Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device DVD-ROM
License Pricing License Qty
Standard 1 user
Package Type Peripheral / Interface Devices
Retail Mouse or compatible device, DVD-ROM, SVGA monitor
Subcategory System Requirements Details
Reference / data - maps/travel/address/phone directory Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - Pentium II - RAM 128 MB - HD 600 MB ¦ Microsoft Windows XP Professional - Pentium II - RAM 128 MB - HD 600 MB ¦ Microsoft Windows Server 2003 - Pentium II - RAM 25
Min Supported Color Depth Localization
8-bit (256 colors) North America
Language(s) Product Description
English Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 - complete package
OS Required Platform
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional , Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Windows
Software Requirements  
Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
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