Tripplite HDMI over Cat5 Active Extender Wall Plate Kit P167-000
Tripplite HDMI over Cat5 Active Extender Wall Plate Kit - P167-000

With Tripp Lites HDMI Over Cat5/Cat6 Wallplate Extender Kit, you can locate a HDMI enabled display up to 230 ft. away from the HDMI source, using readily available Cat5 or Cat6 UTP cable (for best performance, use Solid wire Cat6). The kit consists of a Passive wallplate at the source side, and an Active wallplate (with built-in signal regenerator) at the display side. Simply run two Cat5/6 UTP cables between the two wallplates, and plug in standard Tripp Lite HDMI patch cables to the HDMI source and the display. The Green LED on the Display wallplate lets you know that power and a signal are coming from a connected source. The Red LED indicates only a signal is being received. The kit is functioning properly when the unit is connected to a display and the Green LED is lit.
  • Break the 5-meter HDMI barrier using Cat5/6 UTP Cable
  • 1080p Resolution up to 115 ft.
  • 720p Resolution up to 196 ft.
  • 480p Resolution up to 230 ft.
  • For best performance, use Solid conductor Cat6 cable (Model # N222-01K-BL)
  • Termination Tool included for punching down UTP wire
  • Use Tripp Lite P568 HDMI cables from wallplates to devices


  • Home or Business theater installations where the HDMI display is more than 5 meters from the source

Package Includes

1 - HDMI Passive Wallplate (video source side)

1 - HDMI Active Wallplate with Signal Regenerator (display side)

1 - UTP Stripper/Punch Down Tool

Product Overview HDMI Over Cat5/6 Wallplate Extender Kit
Connector A HDMI (Female)
Connector B HDMI (Female)
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