Mach Speed Wireless FM Modulator / MP3 Player
Mach Speed Wireless FM Modulator/MP3 Player
New from Mach Speed – a wireless MP3 WMA FM modulator that lets you take your tunes to your vehicle. This 12V USB device offers 15 FM frequencies, and supports SD/MMC Card, and MP3. All you have to do is insert the 12 volt adaptor end of the player into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle or power port, tune your FM radio onto one of the preset frequencies, then use the channel button to set the player’s broadcast frequency to match the one you’ve set on your radio. Features include previous track & volume decrease, play/pause, next track & volume increase, and channel button. This device also works with an SD memory card and USB flash memory. The Mach Speed wireless MP3 WMA FM modulator comes complete with audio cable.

Detailed Features

A Closer Look


  • MP3 WMA Wireless FM Modulator
  • 15 FM Frequencies
  • Supports SD / MMC Card, MP3, USB Device
  • Read MP3 / WMA files
  • Audio Cable
  • LCD displays the volume and ordinal number of English song.
  • Fully Adjustable
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