10/100/1000 (1G) Mbps Gigabit 32-Bit Network PCI Card Adapter
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10/100/1000 (1G) Mbps Gigabit 32-Bit Network PCI Card Adapter

Model Number NT-PCI-1000
Condition New
Packaging Retail Package
Warranty   1 year
10/100/1000 (1G) Mbps Gigabit 32-Bit Network PCI Card Adapter

This Gigabit Ethernet PCI Card brings the benefits of the next generation of Ethernet connectivity within reach of technology savvy home and business users. These high-performance products delivery the speeds needed to distribute the largest files (digital video, high-resolution photography, etc.) around your network, at an unprecedented value.

The Sabrent Gigabit Desktop Network PCI Card lets you easily upgrade your desktop computer to full gigabit speeds. It's backward-compatible with your existing 10/100 network, allowing you to simply insert the Card into your computer and instantly provide your high-performance workstation with the speed to quickly transfer large video, audio, and graphic files throughout the network.

It's so simple to install, you'll be moving files throughout your network within minutes. The Sabrent Gigabit Desktop Network PCI Card auto-negotiates between a 10Mbps, 100Mbps, or 1000Mbps network and automatically adjusts for straight-through or crossover cables - you don't have to worry about cable type.

Compatible with all existing 10/100 networks and major operating systems, your Gigabit Desktop Network PCI Card from Sabrent delivers your files with maximum speed, reliability, and efficiency.

  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet PHY and MAC functions; Full/half-duplex and 10/100/1000 Mbps triple-speed operations support 
  • IEEE802.3ab Auto-Negotiation support 
  • Automatic detection and correction of cable pair polarity, along with Auto MDI/MDIX cable crossover or pair swap detection 
  • IEEE 802.3x compliant flow control support for full-duplex operation; Collision-based back-pressure support for half-duplex operation 
  • IEEE 802.1p Priority Queuing support with 4 classes of priority queues 
  • IEEE 802.1Q virtual LAN(VLAN) support with 63 BLAN tags 
  • 64KB deep on-chip Rx and Tx packet buffer 
  • IPv4 TCP, IP and UDP checksum off-loading capability over Rx and Tx 
  • IPv4 TCP segmentation off-loading capability over Tx 
  • Jumbo frame support up to 16KB 
  • Adaptive interrupt 
  • Ring type packet-descriptor management circuit; Support multiple packet-descriptor fetching in a single burst 
  • Entering Power Saving mode by automatic link speed switching from 1000Mbps down to 10 or 100Mbps in standby 
  • Wake-up from Pre-ACPI and Abnormal Shut-Down 
  • Hardware and software counters support for traffic statistics gathering 
  • DMI 2.0(Destip Management Interface), WfM 2.0(Wirec fo management) compliant 
  • Advanced packet filtering 
  • Provide analysis tooling for 1000Base-T type ling over its link quality, cable diagnostics, cable loss, return loss and NEXT loss 
  • One built-in RJ-45 connector 
  • Two LED indicators: Link/Activity 
  • Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/NT/XP/Windows 2003 Server
  • Red Hat Linux 7.3(kernel 2.4.18-3) or later, 
  • Novell Netware 4.2/5.x/6.x/ODI 1.11
  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit 32-Bit PCI Card
  • User Manual
  • CD driver
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