PC Security Wireless PC Lock for Windows

PC Security Wireless PC Lock for Windows

Product Description

PC Security Wireless PC Lock **

Protect your valuable computer from prying eyes! Attach

this PC Security Wireless PC Lock and it automatically goes

into Lock Mode when you're away from you PC. It features 2

meters (6.6-feet) effective range, 315 MHz operating

frequency, USB interface, and approximately 2000 hours of

battery life. Once your PC is locked and if the transmitter

is not available, a password is required to unlocked your

PC. Includes USB extension cable, driver CD, and 3V Lithium

battery. Secure your PC today with a Wireless PC lock!

--> General Features:

- Black design

- USB interface

- 2 meters effective range (6.6-feet, approximate)

- PC enters auto lock mode when user is away

- PC resumes automatically when user is within range

- Password is required to unlock PC if transmitter is not available

- One transmitter can be shared with several PCs

- Low battery warning

--> Specifications:

- One unique Security code

- 315 MHz operating frequency

- Transmitter uses 3V battery (included)

- Approximately 2000 hours battery life

- USB powered

--> Retail Package Includes:

- PC Security Wireless USB PC Lock

- Transmitter w/strap

- Driver CD (3-inch type)

- USB extension cable

- 3V Lithium cell battery

--> Notes:

- Place receiver in an area where EMI interferance is

kept to a minimum. Avoid placing the Wireless PC lock

near a metallic surface.

- If the PC is connected to a USB HUB, use the transformer

provided by your vendor to ensure optimal performance.

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