18-Inch, SATA(Serial ATA 150) Cable.2 - Head Red

18-Inch, SATA(Serial ATA 150) Cable.2 - Head Red

CABLE 1.0M serial ATA150 Cable Compared with the Parallel ATA , Serial ATA has more advantages as per below listed:

1. Lower voltage signal level: The level of voltage to the Serial ATA is of differential 500 mV , and it's more suitable for PC's technical request than that of 5 Volt Parallel ATA, and it can save more power as well.

2. Pin Pitch Advantage: Serial ATA connector includes a line of 7Pin signal terminal and a line of 15Pin power terminal . These two lines of terminals can be detached to the freestanding tie-in, therefore, it not only reduces its body size but also enlarge is trans-positional space.

3. Transferring Speed Advantage: It almost has no potential to fasten the transferring speed of Parallel ATA. But for the Serial ATA ,the transferring speed for its incunabular design is 150MB/s , and now it is striding forward to the speed of 300MB/s and even up to 600MB/s .


  • 150 MByte/s maximum transfer rate (300/600 MByte/s envisioned for the future)
  • Hot-plugging capability
  • Two power saving modes: partial and slumber
  • Overlapping (commands)
  • Tagged command queueing
  • Seven-wire data cable. Connectors measure just 8 mm wide.
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