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The iWear AV230 connects to almost any video device and delivers a virtual display equivalent to a 44-inch screen viewed from 9 feet.

Plug and play!
Watch your favorite movies and play your favorite video games in the privacy of your own virtual movie theatre. The AV230 from Vuzix is a specially designed personal big-screen display that will transform your small portable video player's screen into a large, private, virtual 44" home theater. Worn like regular glasses, the AV230 also includes separate focus adjustments and built-in removable high quality stereo headphones (or use your own.) An in-line rechargeable battery is built into the single cable for 4-5 hours of enjoyment. Enjoy movies in 2D or 3D and take your viewing experience to the next level!

Works on almost any video device.
The iWear AV230 is designed to connect to almost all NTSC or PAL audio/video device with video out capabilities.

Supported Devices Include:
Portable DVD players
Media players
Gaming systems
Digital cameras
Cellular phones with video output

iWear® 3D enabled for automatic 2D/3D control; no buttons required
Can be worn with or without prescription eyeglasses
Independent focus adjustments allow most users to enjoy the virtual display without their prescription eyewear
The integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery gives approximately five hours of continuous viewing
Includes mini USB charger

User Adjustable:
Independent, precision focus adjustments (+2 to -5 diopters)
Removable, integrated speakers (no clumsy uncomfortable earbuds) can be upgraded or removed to allow the user to plug in their own headsets
AccuTiltâ„¢ viewer pivots up to 15 degrees for comfortable viewing angle
Soft, comfortable, hypo-allergenic nosepiece extends up to 3/8"
Custom fit headstrap

Advanced Optics:
Optics aligned to military specifications
23-degree field of view
3/4" eye relief and 5/16" eyebox
2-3/8" intraocular distance (IOD)
Color corrected 10th order aspherical lens with diffractive surface

Technical Specifications:
Twin high-resolution 320x240 (230,000 pixels) LCD displays
Equivalent to a 44" screen viewed from 9 feet
24-bit true color (16 million colors).
Visor weighs 4 ounces
Integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery allows approximately five hours of continuous operation
60 Hz update rates

Box Contents:
iWear AV230
Carrying case
AC power/charger
Composite audio/video cable
Manual with warranty and safety instructions
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