Arkview SABRENT USB-WA62 Multi-Display USB 2.0 to DVI VGA HDMI V
Arkview USB-WA62 USB 2.0 to DVI/VGA/HDMI/AUDIO Multi-Display External Video & Audio Adapter
The USB 2.0 to DVI/VGA or HDMI Adapter enables you to connect up to 6 monitors, LCD's, TV's or projectors to your PC or notebook. You can use it as an extended desktop or as a larger/different display from your main screen. By using USB 2.0 technology, there is no need to open the computer or struggle with compatibility issues related to a second VGA card.

Extending your desktop has never been easier with the USB 2.0 to DVI/VGA or HDMI Adapter! Install the included software, plug in the adapter, and you are on your way to dual monitor computing. Now you can easily expand spreadsheets over 6 monitors, read e-mail on one monitor and view the attachment on the other, make multi-screen presentations without a second computer, or expand your graphics workstation or mirror your monitor.

The USB 2.0 to DVI/VGA or HDMI Adapter is perfect for laptop users who don

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