Z SOLD OUT Olympus 2GB xD-Picture Card - Type M

Olympus 2GB xD-Picture Card - Type M

You will appreciate the convenience of the new 2GB xD-Picture Card. This ultra-compact card allows you to capture much more and in higher resolution before the images must be downloaded or the card changed.

Digital Voice Recorder Note: Not compatible with any DS series digital voice recorder.

Digital Camera Note: If purchasing the M2 GB xD Picture Card for use with the C-50 digital cameras, please note that you will first need to upgrade the C-50 firmware.

Digital Camera Note: The D-535 requires a firmware upgrade.

Digital Camera Note: The movie mode on the C-770 Ultra Zoom will not function with this card. However, all other shooting modes will be unaffected. For Movie mode support purchase the H-type xD card.
Tech Specs
OLYMPUS M 2GB XD Picture Card

M 2GB xD Picture Card / Compact and durable, the Olympus xD Picture Card is the ultimate reusable, removable digital media. Besides providing a large amount of storage capacity for your high resolution images, they also offer compatibility with most manufacturers xD compatible devices. Olympus xD Picture Cards are the only xD Cards to support the Panorama function found with todays Olympus digital cameras. Type M xD Picture Cards keep your digital data safe, so you can shoot or share your pictures and movies at any time. Their compact size means you can take them anywhere and because they are compatible with a variety of media reader/writers, you can download your files in no time flat.
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