Express x16 PCI-E 24CM 9.5 inch Powered 16X Extension Riser Card

A new Powered PCI-E x16 Card Riser Extension Cable. This will work to lift a graphics card or PCI-E x16 device from the motherboard to provide room for airflow. Riser cables are great for scrypt mining and building custom computers. The riser cable comes with an attached molex adapter to provide the additional power your motherboard might require in order to use your PCI Express 1x ~16x device

The most advanced, safest and latest riser on the market.

Safe to use multiple cards simultaneously.

Prevents overload of voltage from frying your motherboard!  

Works great for Bitcoin , Litecoin , Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrency mining , running multiple video /GUPS cards for better performance and cooling.
>4Pin Molex connector with the solid capacity ,more stable and safer
>Locking System for Safety .
>Flexible, and Compatible design for your customization.
>Gold plated contacts for best conductivity and Speed.
> No driver necessary and jump-less, and Plug and Run.
>Fit for most rack mount chassis and any ATX, MATX, FULL  AND FULL TOWER CASE

PCI-E 16x Male To PCI-E 16x Female

Total length :About 24cm, 9.5" inch
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